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Sapphire Pointe - Safety Alert
Posted on Mar 31st, 2014 Comments (0)
Good Afternoon Homeowners,
Although this was at another subdivision in Castle Rock, I am placing this on our website as a reminder to folks to talk to their children about strangers and to remember that this person may move to other areas of our community.
Thank you!!
Tara Pappenheim
Following incident, Castle Rock Police remind community about stranger safety
With weather warming and school spring breaks in progress, Castle Rock Police want to remind parents to talk to their kids about strangers.
Castle Rock Police responded Wednesday to a call from a mother in Castlewood Ranch who reported her children were playing nearby when a man drove up in a black truck. The driver said he would reward the first child to get in his truck with a prize, as he held out a piece of sidewalk chalk.
The children ran away and told their mom, who later called police to report the incident. It’s important for the community to be aware of the incident, and police are continuing to investigate.
These children did the right thing. As weather breaks and children begin playing outside, it’s important to remind them not to talk to strangers and to be aware of their surroundings.
Here are a few additional safety tips for children from the National Crime Prevention Council:
Trust your instincts.
Adults should never ask children for help, for example help finding a lost dog. If an adult asks you for help, say no and tell a parent or trusted adult.
Never take gifts, like candy or toys, from a stranger.
Anything suspicious should be reported to police by calling 911.
Safety is always a top priority for the Town of Castle Rock. That’s why it’s important to share this information, which reminds everyone to be aware and be proactive by talking to their children.
Questions? Call the Castle Rock Police Department’s non-emergency line, 303-663-6100.
Caroline Kipp
Community Relations Specialist
Town of Castle Rock

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