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  • Can I attend a Committee Meeting?
    Yes, all committee meetings are open to attendance for members (homeowners) in the Association.  Guests/Contractors/Designers can also attend, if they make an appointment with BRC ahead of time.  If you are attending a DRC meeting, you would typically only stay as long as necessary to discuss your own DRR. Typically, the DRC has time for 1-2 (in-person) homeowners reviews per meeting and making a request to attend through BRC is preferrable.

Cutters Ridge
  • Does Cutter's Ridge have its own Board?
    Yes, Cutter's Ridge has it's own Board and also it's own management company. Cutter's Ridge is an official sub-association of the Sapphire Pointe Master Association.  Cutter's Ridge pays it's own sub-association fees and also the monthly fee for the Sapphire Pointe Master Association. Cutter's Ridge homeowners have full access to the clubhouse, pool and common areas that other homeowners in Sapphire Pointe, Puma Ridge and Cliffside do.

  • How do I make my dues payment?
    Payments for your monthly dues can be mailed to:

    Sapphire Pointe Master Association
    c/o BRC Payment Processing Center
    P.O. Box 52006
    Phoenix, AZ 85072-2006
  • Who is BRC Community Management?
    BRC is the Community Management Company for the Sapphire Pointe Master Association. They work for the Sapphire Pointe Master Association Community and take direction from the Board of Directors.  You can reach BRC at 303.804.9800 or via email to