New Residents

Welcome to the neighborhood!

The following is some information you might find useful as you get settled into your new home:

  • Get setup with the HOA’s / Management company email alerts/blasts
    • Our managment company contact is:
      • Carrie Seubert    Send her an email with your contact information to be put on the email list.
        Direct: 303.541.1592
  • Request your Pool/Clubhouse access card

General information

Trash is picked up every Tuesday by Waste Management,  800.482.6406,  They have a list of set holidays where they will delay pickup by one day and if the weather or some other situation beyond their control arises, they will delay pickup as well.

Sapphire Pointe is covenant controlled and changes to the exterior of your home or landscape requires prior approval.  Click here for information

In addition to this web site there are Social Media outlets for you to join if have moved to Sapphire Pointe, Diamond Ridge, Cliffside and neighboring Maher Ranch comminutes.

The Newsletter

Our Newsletter is published monthly and is only available via email blast notification or through the newsletter section on this web site.