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Association Meetings

The HOA Board monthly meeting is held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm via Zoom meetings

An e-blast to homeowners sent prior to the meeting contains information on how to attend

The Annual Meetings are held in December.

Design Review Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm as via Zoom

You are welcome to attend any of the meetings.


A monthly newsletter in published with print information about Sapphire Pointe.

Please find the link to the current and past newsletters at Newsletters

Social Media

In addition to this web site there are Social Media outlets for you to join if have moved to Sapphire Pointe, Diamond Ridge, Cliffside and neighboring Maher Ranch committees.

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Recent News

Town Water

Check out the useful tool at the Town’s Water web site to see how much water your landscape has lost and potentially how much you need to put back. Town water weather station and ET rate We are fortunate to have their weather station located so near to our community and this data available for

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Water Wiser classes for Castle Rock residents

Castle Rock “Water Wiser” classes for everyone in Castle Rock may attend. A representative from Castle Rock water will conduct the classes. Water Wiser is a program that exempts you from the scheduled watering days during the summer. This means you can water/not water whenever you want and save a ton on your water bill.

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Roundabouts wrong way drivers

A homeowner near the roundabout near Azurite (the Puma Ridge (fountain) has noticed drivers taking “short cuts” around the circle. There is limited visibility there and that sort of driving is dangerous. On any of our roundabouts, please drive around them in the correct direction.

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