The Association is comprised of a Board of Directors and several committees.

Members of the Board:

President: Kent George
Vice President: Ann Marie Jacques-Koski
Treasurer: Lyn Jacobs
Secretary:Michelle Principato
Member-at-Large: Ryan Hawkins

The Association is represented and managed by TMMC Property Management.  Their contact information is:

Carrie Seubert, TMMC Property Management


The Association has several Committees.  Each Committee is always looking for volunteers.  Our philosophy is you can never have too many.  If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please email the

Landscape Committee—This committee is responsible for providing ideas and input into the landscaping throughout the community as well as working with the Board, the vendor and other community members in ensuring the aesthetic value of the Association is consistent and maintained to a high standard.

DRC Committee—This committee is responsible for reviewing the Design Review Request forms that are presented from homeowners for modifications that they would like to make to their home.  Some of the items they are always addressing are paint, deck remodels, landscaping and various other miscellaneous items.  To view the current Sherwin Williams paint pallet for the community, please click here.

Social Committee—This committee is responsible for all of the social activities that occur within the community.  This includes our pool parties, holiday parties and any other events that they decide on.

Welcome Committee / Communications Committee—This committee is responsible for ensuring that our new homeowners are welcomed to the community with open arms.  They also provide information to the new homeowners on how to navigate within a homeowners association.  And provide support to the Board and Community Manager on disseminating information to the residents/owners.

Please feel free to join us.  Volunteering within a community that you live in is a very rewarding experience.