Governing Documents

The Governing Documents for the Association are necessary as they dictate who, what, when, where, how and why the Association operates as it should.  These are all documents that you should have received at the time of closing of your unit.  It is required by law.

Articles of Incorporation This document is what initially formed the Association and continues to enable the Association to do business in the State of Colorado.
Bylaws This document is a set of rules governing how the Association conducts their business. It describes meetings, notice and quorum requirements as well as the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.
Declaration Sometimes referred to as the CC&R’s or Covenants. This document is the most binding for the Association as it is recorded in the County and provides authority for the collection of assessments, use restrictions, insurance, and maintenance responsibilities for both the owner and the Association. The provisions of this document are binding upon all owners.
Fence Resolution This document is clarification on duties to maintain fencing within the Sapphire Pointe HOA community.