SB100/89 Resolutions:

Alternative Dispute Resolution This policy outlines a standard procedure should an owner request to meet with the Board to resolve issues, prior to formal legal action being initiated.
Adoption & Amendment of Policies, Procedures and Rules Provides a written procedure as to how new rules or regulations or the amendment of current rules and policies will be enacted.
Board Conflict Policy This policy outlines what constitutes a onflict of interest for a member of the Board and the steps to be followed should there be a conflict.
Collection Policy This policy outlines procedures and costs that may be incurred for the collection of unpaid assessments as well as how payments will be applied to delinquent accounts.
Meeting Conduct Policy This policy provides for the proper procedures to be followed for calling a meeting and how business is to be conducted at either a Membership Meeting or a Board of Director meeting.
Records Inspection Policy This policy details when and how an owner can inspect the records of the Association.
Enforcement Policy This policy outlines how any infractions of the rules will be handled from the initial violation through hearings. Additionally, the fine schedule is detailed within the policy.
Reserve Policy This policy outlines how the Association can invest funds and reserve for the Association.



Fence Ownership

Fence Staining Focus Group summary 2016

Motorized Vehicles

American Flag

Weather Stations

Retractable Clotheslines

Allowable Play Equipment

Materials for Play Equipment

Sections 10.35 & 10.37 Clarification

Basketball Hoop Resolution

Revised Election Process Resolution 2018